Christopher Columbus first voyage

Names of the ships newly investigatet

Words are covering the truth: The "discovery" of the "New World" took place on a "Santa Maria". Every child knows that.

No, Columbus inevitably ran in the old world of the Caribbeans and the name of the ship had nothing to do with the most worshipped woman of Christianity. The names of Columbus' ships in known documents for 79 years after the first voyage were Nina, Pinta, la gallega and NAO. In which book the name "Santa Maria" was first mentioned? Google? Good luck. The problem with matters every child knows is, that nobody is questioning that information. Who told the story? How did he know. Any documents at hand? Is the source reliable?

The holy name fitted well to the idea, Columbus was on a holy mission. It is part of the foundation myth of "America". Kind of well feeling truth, forget the fate of the land owning Caribbeans and all the others.

Thus Columbus will travel further on his "Santa Maria" not only in the mind of the kids. But there is evidence, that Columbus did not like the idea.
columbus santa maria
Replica. The socalled Santa Maria: The name was Gallega - Girl from Galicia - when chartered by the crown
Evidence based on all known sources here
Which were the names of the ships of Columbus on his first voyage? Nombres des las naves de cristobal colon (carabelas)